New York Times Best-Selling Doctor Reveals New Natural “Delta Secret” For

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  • Jennifer Lopez
    the key behind the Delta Secret her
    “secret weapon”.

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University Of Pennsylvania study confirms it … Thousands of his patients prove this 30-second secret works … it is guaranteed to work for you too … but others will NEVER tell you about it!

"Doctor Mike, I can't go on like this!"

“I feel like I’m doing everything right, but every day, I feel a little worse...

and I weigh a little more...”

With tears in her eyes, she sighed, “I feel like I’m losing my mind…”

Tammy was at her wit’s end.

She told me how she couldn’t lose her 37 extra pounds and of her severe daily fatigue, plus back and knee pain.

And even though I’ve seen over 9,000 patients as an M.D, Tammy’s case puzzled me...

Tammy was a registered nurse.

She KNEW what to do to keep herself fit, and healthy...

She even brought me her journal showing:

  • she was eating healthy and exercising daily
  • she was sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night
  • she had been to multiple specialists -- trying traditional AND natural remedies --
    and they couldn’t find any solution that worked for her extra weight, fatigue or pain.

This was crazy!

Not even some of the best doctors in the world and NO natural remedies and NO prescription drugs could help Tammy.

Tammy’s suffering --and hundreds of other patients like her-- frustrated the heck out of me.

Tammy was doing everything “right” ...

… but none of the conventional treatments were helping her lose weight, end her fatigue or get rid of her pain.

After seeing so many people in situations like Tammy’s, I knew there had to be a missing piece to the healing puzzle that modern medicine or natural health had not discovered yet.

This frustration led me on a two-year quest around the world to find the solution.

And - as crazy as it sounds - the breakthrough natural solution came to me from an eccentric Billionaire who was racing Lamborghini supercars in Italy… yet it costs just pennies a day!

In a moment, I’ll reveal this 30-second “Delta Secret” you won’t hear anywhere else that will help END YOUR WEIGHT, ENERGY AND PAIN PROBLEMS FAST like it's done for thousands of my patients and like it did for Tammy. Because now Tammy has …

  • lost her 37 “impossible” pounds with NO crazy diet or exercise - and keeps it off
  • sleeps great and is NOT tired during the day anymore
  • isn't slowed down by any nagging aches and pains like she used to be

All because of the same 30-second Delta Secret I’m about to share with you in this short letter.


I am New York Times best-selling author
Dr. Mike Moreno, M.D. I’ve been practicing medicine since 1996, so for almost 25 years.

You may have seen me on The Doctors… Good Morning America … Fox Sports … or on another TV or radio show. Or you may have read one of my five health books which have sold over a million copies around the world and been translated into 14 languages.

My passion, mission and life’s work has been helping people like YOU to safely and rapidly lose weight, have more energy, get rid of their aches and pains and to feel better...

In the next few minutes, I am going to reveal the surprising new discovery of the missing link of why you are overweight even though you’ve tried hard to lose weight… time after time after time.

I’m also going to reveal why you are tired too much, have aches and pains, and suffer from other health problems… and the natural solution doctors NEVER tell you about even though it has proven to work for thousands of people just like you.

This 30-second secret is surprising and shocking, and hard to believe, yet it is all proven by research studies in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition and others that I’ll show you.

Even if doctor after doctor has told you it’s all your fault that you have extra body weight, I’m here to tell you that’s wrong, and it is NOT your fault.

You see, there’s a hidden reason for your extra weight, fatigue and pain…

In fact, The University Of Chicago showed that missing this ONE thing can make you pack on 55% MORE weight eating the exact same calories!

And this hidden reason is why you are tired so often.

And this hidden reason is causing your aches and pains.

And this hidden reason is causing you any one of over a dozen other health problems.

You’ll soon be SHOCKED when I tell you what this hidden reason is … and the natural secret I discovered that ends it.

I know firsthand this natural “Delta Secret” works because it slimmed down and healed thousands of my patients after nothing else worked for them.

And it worked for me too. You see, I’m embarrassed to admit this…

But after decades of showing other people how to take control of their health and lose a collective 1 MILLION pounds and counting, not long ago I was 40 pounds overweight.

The photo on the above is me, just a little over two years ago, during one of the most stressful periods of my life. I stepped onto a scale on a chilly October morning and realized that I was over 210 pounds.

Nearly 40 pounds of ugly belly fat had attached itself to my midsection out of nowhere.

And I also suffered from daily fatigue and aches and pains in my shoulders, knees and lower back.

So I discovered this natural secret
during my own personal health crisis.

I want you to remember back to a time and specific event in your life when you were slim and felt great. When was it?

It could be your graduation day, wedding day, job promotion, whatever day you felt and looked your best. Remember it?

You sometimes feel like your health is slipping away, don’t you?

You gain weight easier… and find it harder to lose and keep off, right?

You have less and less energy with each passing year.

You notice your sleep is not as good as you wish it was.

And you have other health problems that you want to get rid of.

You are sick and tired of ugly fat sticking to you like wet paint...

Constantly feeling tired and unmotivated...

And suffering from seemingly constant aches and pains!

You don’t know what’s causing these problems, but you know you need to stop them and reverse them.

I empathize with you. I was in your shoes not long ago.

I realize it is very frustrating when you see that ugly fat hanging off your body, those rolls of flab that appear when you squeeze into tight clothes...

Or that disgusting feeling when you look in the mirror and don’t like how you look to yourself or your partner.

You know you don’t look how you want to - like when you were slimmer. You look at your photos now and just can’t stand how much weight you’ve gained and how it appears.

And you have a busy life with a lot of things that need to get done, so you are dealing with the frustration that comes with not having more energy.

You are sick and tired of that afternoon slump, and then being tired too often and how this leads to you getting into those bad moods and not doing those extra things you want to do and achieve.

These feelings may sometimes make you feel angry, depressed, or even guilty or ashamed.

Well, you are not alone. My patients like Tammy used to suffer from these same issues. And no matter what any doctor or other person has told you, as a leading medical doctor I am here to assure you that it is NOT your fault and I’ll tell you why in a moment.

And I have great news for you because your being overweight, tired, in pain, and suffering from other health problems is about to change -

You CAN have the body, energy and health you want.

And it doesn’t have to take weeks, or months or YEARS to get there...

You can start feeling better TONIGHT.

And you can marvel as your body begins to repair itself in only DAYS right before your eyes.

Frankly, it might even feel like a MIRACLE… but it’s 100% real, and I’m going to show you the proof.

I’m going to show you exactly what has been going wrong inside your body. I promise this will surprise you because it flies in the face of what you’ve heard before and literally says “hogwash” to all those people who’ve told you it is your fault, or tried to get you to try weird pills or painful treatments.

Imagine this…

You will soon feel the sheer delight of looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing yourself 20 pounds slimmer, and this is just the beginning because as the weeks go by - your weight will keep dropping and dropping – and you will keep looking better and better.

You will no longer have those
uncontrollable cravings for the
wrong foods that lead to weight gain.

You will have as much as double the energy you do now. No longer will you have that 2pm or 3pm afternoon tiredness slump or feel sleepy in the early evening.

And with all your extra energy, you will no longer fall into those bad moods that come from fatigue.

What’s more, because your body will be functioning much better, those aches and pains you feel now will soon be a thing of the past, making you feel better and enjoy life more. You will now do things pain-free like walking, jogging, golfing, hiking and doing fun things with your children or grandchildren.

If this sounds like you will soon be enjoying a second youth, that’s because you will be.

Even at age 55, 60, 65 or beyond.

How can I be so sure of this?

I know because I used to have these same health problems.

But then …

After I discovered and used this all-natural 30-second delta secret I’m going to reveal to you that is proven 15 times more effective than traditional methods…

My energy was back…

My hands didn’t ache…

I was back to playing basketball every day (at 50!).

My hips, back shoulders and knees felt like I was fresh out of high school again!

And this same “health turnaround” has also been enjoyed by thousands of patients accross America.

And it involves

  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO

I’ll tell you what it is in a moment, but first, I have a confession to make.

I just recently discovered this secret.

Before I did, my patients were suffering – and my conventional advice and treatments weren't working well enough to help.

I was letting them down.

I used to do what traditional medical training dictated I do: I tried many treatments for my patient’s extra body weight, fatigue, pain and other issues ... but nothing seemed to work enough or last ... or if it involved prescription drugs (and it usually did), my patients didn’t like the high cost and the side effects.

The bottom line was my patients were NOT losing weight and ending their fatigue or pain with prescription drugs, or the “conventional” advice I gave them about diet and exercise to follow.

This made me very sad and angry.

And on a deeper level, this threw me into a personal crisis.

Because what good was I if I could not solve my patients most common problems?

I was in this crisis …

Then one day It hit me like a ton of bricks …

Conventional treatments were NOT addressing the root cause of these health problems.

I needed to find out what the root cause was first.

Once I found out the root cause, then I could find the solution.

To find the answer, I took off a lot of time from my busy medical practice, traveled to four different countries to meet with health leaders, read over 400 research studies, and talked to dozens of experts.

What did I discover from all this research and these world-class experts?

Well, finally, I had discovered the
real root cause of why people like
Tammy and thousands of my patients
were overweight, too tired and riddled
with aches and pains.

It was Fragmented Sleep, which means your body is not getting any or enough of the deepest level of sleep which is necessary for it to clean itself out.

And because of this Fragmented Sleep, you are NOT getting the rejuvenation power that forces your body to lose weight, have more energy, and have less pain.

Fragmented sleep was the real root
cause of being overweight, fatigue,
and aches and pains.

I’m NOT talking about Sleep Apnea where you have to wear a mask over your face to sleep at night.

I’m talking about fragmented sleep, which means you do NOT enter the deepest state of sleep which is Stage 4 sleep or the Delta Stage.

I’ll show you the studies in a moment …

Remember my patient Tammy who came to my office in tears?

Well, Tammy had told me she had trouble falling asleep and felt fatigued and “pooped out” in the afternoons and evenings.

This led me to order an in-home sleep test for her.

And when I received the results of her test back, they blew me away.

When I read them, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Tammy was only getting 9% of the deepest stage of Delta sleep …

And this Delta sleep is where the most effective rest and fat-burning comes from.

Only 37% out of 100%!

No wonder Tammy was tired so much and couldn’t lose those 37 pounds no matter what diet or exercise program she did!

With fragmented sleep numbers like this, anyone would be dog-tired and overweight!

These results were alarming …

And they got me to thinking and wondering if my OTHER patients had similar sleep results …

So I started to order in-home sleep tests for my other patients …

And guess what?

They all had similar results!

It was a stone-cold fact … nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE of my patients who was overweight, or who had fatigue, or who had aches and pains … all had this same lack of Delta sleep!

When I realized this, it hit me like a ton of bricks that my patients were fighting the battle for more energy, weight loss and pain relief without our most powerful weapon – deep Delta sleep.

(And yes, YOU are too.)

In fact, to prove it, just look at this study …

WebMD published a study showing that shallow and less sleep is making you fatter.

Yes, making you fatter.

The study showed that when you are tired, your brain’s reward centers rev up, looking for something like sugar and carbs that feels good. So while you may be able to say no to fattening foods when you are well rested, your tired brain gives in and you can’t say no to those treats.

When you are too tired, you might skip the exercise, and get fattening take-out for dinner.

This is proven by a study published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition. It showed when people were starved of sleep, their late-night snacking increased, and they chose high-carb snacks more often.

In another study done at the University of Chicago, subjects chose snacks with TWICE AS MUCH FAT as those who slept better.

Another study showed fragmented sleep makes people eat bigger portions of food… increasing weight gain.

See how important deep Delta sleep is?

Another study showed fragmented sleep makes people eat bigger portions of food…
increasing weight gain.

Fragmented sleep triggers a cortisol spike in your body, and this stress hormone signals your body to hang on to more fat.

Get this …

Researchers found when dieters cut back on sleep, the amount of weight they lost from fat dropped by an incredible 55% even though their calories stayed the same!

University of Chicago researchers say fragmented sleep reduces your insulin sensitivity by more than 30%. And insulin is what you need to turn sugar, starch and other food into energy.

So fragmented sleep means your body doesn’t respond properly to insulin, has trouble processing fat, and therefore stores it as unwanted ugly fat on your body.

And that’s not all.

Your lack of deep Delta sleep is also increasing your overall risk of death from all causes including heart disease, reports Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine, as reported to CNN Health.

The study analyzed the sleep of 2,675 people … and then their death rates decades later.

The researchers also reported studies show that lack of deep sleep may lead to memory deficit and poor cognitive performance. (1)

Sleep specialists from University Of California Berkeley report fragmented non-deep sleep has been shown in studies to harden the arteries and clog the arteries. I don’t need to tell you what this can lead to.

Source: Broken sleep predicts hardened blood vessels Raphael VallatVyoma D. Shah... Matthew P. Walker

These scientists also reported fragmented sleep causes inflammation which can lead to mental health problems and neurological disorders.

Berkeley News June 4, 2020

And The Mayo Clinic reports it can weaken your immune system by lowering protective cytokines.

Mayo Clinic November 28, 2018

All this destruction to your well-being is bad enough…

But as I learned more about the lack of Delta sleep…

It was even worse than I thought!

In fact, for all the damage it does to your health and your future,
it’s like a tornado is constantly storming through your body and wrecking havoc …

For example …

It Makes You Much Older Faster

at The University of Michigan, 250 medical student interns were studied. Due to lack of sleep during this hectic year, their DNA was found to age 6 times faster than normal. This was found by the shortening of their telomeres, reported Dr. Srijan Sen, M.D.(2)

It Raises Your Cholesterol Level

Fragmented sleep leads to high levels of LDL cholesterol, which can lead to heart attack and stroke, according to a study published by the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.(3)

It Makes Joint Pain Worse

According to The Arthritis Foundation, research finds poor sleep can make your joint pain worse, and even increase the likelihood that you may become disabled or depressed. It also showed to increase pain the next day after poor sleep.(4)

It Makes You Look Much Older

lack of Delta sleep ages you faster. That's why Jennifer Lopez, Christie Brinkley and dozens of other beauties who look 10 to 20 years younger than their actual age swear by good deep sleep! Levels of the stress hormone cortisol fall during deep Delta sleep, which helps skin repair daytime damage. The body makes more collagen, which minimizes fine lines. More human growth hormone is released, increasing muscle mass and strengthening skin.

It Causes Memory Loss and
Foggy Brain

a new study published by Healthline explains why your brain feels so foggy if you don't get enough sleep. According to researchers, sleep deprivation disrupts our brain cells' ability to communicate with each other, leading to temporary mental lapses that affect memory, causing brain fog and memory problems.

It Causes Digestive Problems

studies reported by the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research show lack of quality sleep increases the frequency and severity of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic constipation, acid reflux problems and a whole host of other digestive problems.(5)

It Raises Blood Sugar Levels

sleep quality has a strong connection to diabetes: studies repeatedly show too little sleep is associated with higher A1c and blood glucose levels and greater insulin resistance.

It Increases Anxiety and Depression

how much deep sleep you get each night determines how well you can deal with anxiety and stress. When a person gets too little sleep, this acts as a chronic stressor that impairs brain functions and contributes to an overload on the body's systems.

According to The Sleep Foundation, The link between sleep and mood has been seen over and over by researchers and doctors. For example, people with insomnia have greater levels of depression and anxiety than those who sleep normally. They are 10 times as likely to have clinical depression and 17 times as likely to have clinical anxiety.(6)

So what is the solution?

Well, It is NOT what you think.

I’m sure you’ve read all the
“usual” how to sleep better advice …

… like make sure your bedroom is dark, cold, have the same bedtime routine every night, etc.

But …

… if this advice really did work enough …

… you would ALREADY BE getting enough Delta sleep - and NOT be overweight, tired all the time and in pain.

So like my patients, you need something MORE.

And you are smart, so you don’t want to
get addicted to sleeping pills or
anti-anxiety drugs.

Well, what about the sleep advice not to watch tv or look at your phone or laptop within an hour of going to bed because of the blue light it emits?

This advice does not work in the real world.

You see, I don’t blame you for NOT wanting to give up watching TV or reading your Facebook or having fun on your laptop at night…


Most all of your day is already given to someone else besides you: your employer, your kids, your mate, cleaning the house, so the last hour of the day when you can kick back and relax to yourself is often the best hour of your day.

You are not going to give up this only hour of the day you have to yourself.

You deserve this time for yourself to do what you want!

Now I’m going to reveal the surprising natural secret that will let you sleep LESS HOURS, but still be MORE RESTED and also AS SLIM AS YOU WANT TO BE…

This is because you will be getting deep Delta sleep instead of your current fragmented sleep.

Sleep isn’t just about how much time you spend with your head on a pillow. It’s about DEPTH and QUALITY.

Intuitively, we’ve all experienced this.

Have you ever woken up in the morning after a full night of sleep, but felt like you JUST barely closed your eyes a minute ago?

On the other hand, you can power nap for 20 minutes then wake up feeling refreshed and energized!

So what gives?

How can 20 minutes of sleep sometimes feel MORE refreshing than 8 hours?

The short version of a very long answer comes down to one thing: Your Brainwaves.

What is a brainwave, anyway?

It’s just an easy way of measuring how “fast” your brain is working…

Basically, the faster your brain is working, the more awake you are.

As you can see in the chart, gamma waves are really fast and “choppy”.

Your brain makes gamma waves if you’re concentrating hard on a problem or stressing out about something.

Beta is your “normal” brainwave on most days. It’s still fast, but it’s slower and more regular than gamma.

If you’re relaxing around the house or chilling out reading a good book, your brain waves slow down even more and become alpha waves.

When you lay down to sleep, you should be making alpha waves already… or you’re going to find it hard to fall asleep no matter how tired you are.

Obviously, when you sleep, your brain slows down even more… If you’re dreaming, what scientists call REM sleep, your brain is making theta waves.

Now here’s the key…

Delta is what happens when you stop dreaming, and your brain shuts down almost completely, other than things like breathing and keeping your heart beating.

Now here’s the key…

Delta is what happens when you stop
dreaming, and your brain shuts down almost
completely, other than things like breathing
and keeping your heart beating.

This is where the MAGIC happens.

Delta sleep is what triggers your body’s clean and restore cycle.

But clean and restore what? The waste that has built up in your body everyday. You see, when you are awake, each of your cells is active and creates waste – just like a fire that burns firewood creates ashes

Make sense?

Some people call these ashes by different names including metabolic waste, free radicals, oxidation or oxidative stress.

But no matter what you call them, these ashes are toxic and harmful and must be removed from your body or else your body will be toxic, dirty and unable to function properly and this means you will continue to be overweight, be fatigued, be in pain and have other health problems.

Just like a car that’s never gotten an oil change, or a furnace that’s never been cleaned, this compounded junk pollutes your cells so they cannot run properly.

That leads to lower energy, and increased body fat.

Now let’s get back to the deep Delta sleep that your body is NOT getting now… but that it needs to be slim, sexy, energetic and pain-free.

This deep Delta sleep stage repeats itself 2 to 3 times per night, going from “dream cycle” to “clean cycle” to prepare your body and brain to run at 100% the next day.

Or at least it’s supposed to…

The problem is, many of us never get even ONE single cycle of quality delta sleep each night… much less 3. Some people NEVER see delta at all for weeks on end…

And no delta sleep stage means …

  • NO
    Clean Cycle
  • NO
    Weight Loss
  • NO
    Increased Energy
  • NO
    Pain Relief

If you are like my patients, this is why you
haven’t felt 100% for YEARS.

But that’s about to change for you in just the next 2 weeks.

Just imagine how it will feel to operate at 100% with endless energy and fast metabolism, when you’ve probably gotten used to running at 60%, 50% or even 40 PERCENT EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I know for me, when I finally got my sleep fixed, I felt like an entirely new person!

So, how can YOU get this all-important, life-changing Delta sleep every night?

I found the solution.

it’s all-natural, inexpensive, and requires no doctor visit or prescription.

The first time I heard it, I thought it sounded a little bit crazy… But I looked at the studies, did my research and tried it for myself, and I have to say, IT WORKED fabulous for me.

Then I had my patients try it… and it worked great for them too!

This natural solution is a return to the old days.

It downregulates and resets your biological clock.

I “cracked the code” and discovered the natural solution that gives you quick weight loss, extra energy and pain relief when an eccentric Billionaire friend of mine invited me to Europe to follow him race his Lamborghini supercar

I have a friend named Tom who I have known since my days in medical school.

Tom is a successful investor and entrepreneur and over the years, he’s done VERY well for himself.

We’ve always remained close friends, even when his work took him to the other side of the globe for months on end, and long nights working in the hospital meant I didn’t have much tome for a social life..

He’s one of those people I’ve always just “clicked” with.

I’m sure you have a friend or two like that.

Well, not long ago, when I was struggling to figure out a way to help Tammy, and my other patients (and myself...) crack the Delta sleep mystery…

Tom reached out because he could see I was in bad shape.

He told me that he wanted to take me on an “adventure” to help clear my head.

Well, that trip was not only the most fun I’ve had in YEARS...

It also unlocked the final piece of the Delta Sleep puzzle for me, and thousands of patients around the world.

The “adventure” Tom invited me to was something called the “Gumball Rally”.

It’s a literal race around the world.

Every year the richest, most powerful, and most famous people in the world get together to race Ferraris and Lamborghinis through the streets of Europe for 2 weeks.

The drivers are almost always either celebrities like like Usher, David Hasselhoff, Paul Newman and Matthew McConaaughey, or billionaire business moguls like Tom.

They race cars all day through some of the most beautiful roads on earth…

And then stay up partying all night.

Most of the guys who enter are super rich adrenaline junkies. Like the richest men on the planet.

These billionaire's don't sleep more than 4 or 5 hours per night because they're too anxious about their businesses.

While on the trip, I couldn’t help noticing all these guys were staying up later than me and getting up earlier than me, but they don't ever seem tired... And they're always doing all the things I know "not to do" like …

  • On their phones all day and night sending and reading business emails

  • Eating and drinking too much

  • keeping an irregular sleep schedule

But somehow, they all look like they're in their early 30's despite being in their mid 50's and beyond... (no body fat, perfect skin and hair, always happy)

So there I am one night in Italy at the race … with my very strict sleep routine, pounding down another large coffee to stay awake during a late-night stretch of the race … that I realize my old friend Tom is still bright eyed and bushy tailed and I ask him, "how the heck do you function on so little sleep? If I slept like you, I'd be dead inside of 6 weeks"

Tom looked at me, almost surprised and said "Doc, my business buddies and celebrities discovered the secret and it isn't about how long you sleep. It's about how deep."

Tom and these other billionaires and celebrities had found a method to shut their autonomic system down and get two to three times as much deep sleep as most people do in twice the time.

When you have millions of dollars on the line every day, every second counts and they need to be sharp all day, while still staying awake as many hours per day as possible,

Tom told me the solution was all natural, so I liked the sound of that.

Tom told me it was a special kind of CBD I had never heard of before.

But still my initial reply was "Tom... c'mon, everyone's heard of CBD. There's no way that's the answer"

Tom replied, ‘Doc, yeah, normal CBD is almost all mostly garbage. But not this form of it. This type of CBD called Nano CBD is like 15 times more effective than regular CBD and double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials prove it.”

These uber rich billionaires knew a secret I did not yet ... and they told me it was this special type of Nano CBD.

And it turns out this natural wonder could help people trigger better deep delta sleep that would be the key to fast weight loss, more energy and pain relief for Tammy and hundreds of other patients of mine after everything else they tried had failed them.

It was like a blindfold had been taken off my eyes...

Suddenly I saw the solution that had been staring me in the face and could see the proof all around me.

Look at all the people in our society who have the wealth and power to get all the sleep they want...

Famous models and mega-celebritied like Jennifer Lopez... She reportedly sleeps up to 9 hours per night and it shows.

he’s 51 years old and could still pass for being under 30… I fact, she calls her ability to sleep 9 hours per night her “secret weapon”...

But sleeping that much in order to get the amount of Delta Sleep she probably gets just isn’t practical for most people...

Look at another example, NFL star Tom Brady...

The man has won 6 Super Bowls and guards his sleep each night like a HAWK.

He's militant about getting enough sleep each night and says “it has helped me get to where I am today and is something I continue to rely on every day.”

But they both have schedules (and teams of assistants) that let them sleep that long each night WITHOUT missing out on the rest of their lives.

The rest of us aren’t so lucky.

We have responsibilities and families to think about.

But that’s the beauty of Tom’s secret… He showed me, for the first time, exactly how he was able to get ALL the benefits of a full night of sleep in half the time...

And now, you and I can do the same!

At this point, I’m certain you’ve heard about CBD…

But here is where I must warn you ….

…almost ALL CBD sold today is a type where 94% of the active nutrient of it does NOT get into your bloodstream which means IT DOES NOT WORK GOOD …

In fact, without the ONE critical thing I’ll tell you about in a minute, you might as well flush almost all CBD down the toilet!

And CBD is the supposedly miraculous supplement that promises to cure just about every ailment known to man.

Well, I’m here to tell you as a Medical Doctor, not to believe all the hype. Too many companies are tripping all over each other in a race to see who can make the biggest boldest claims about CBD, and for a lot of it, the research just doesn’t back them up.

But one thing IS clear, CBD has been widely studied for its effects on sleep, and study after study confirms that CBD in the right amounts absolutely does help you fall asleep faster, reach deeper levels of delta sleep, and stay asleep longer.

This landmark study published in Sleep Medicine Review proves it:

Even better, CBD isn’t like a sedative. You don’t wake up feeling groggy the next day. In fact, in appropriate amounts, CBD actually helps boost your energy naturally.

That’s because CBD works on a system in your body and brain called your Endocannabinoid System.

This system is responsible for regulating everything from:

  • Metabolism
  • Digestion
  • Mood
  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Energy

And more…

CBD works directly on the system that is responsible for helping your body slip
into deep-restorative delta sleep and turn on your inner clean cycle.

CBD is totally SAFE.

CBD is NOT marijuana.

It’s made from hemp, which has less than 0.3% THC in it, making it legal in America.

And because it doesn’t contain THC, it can’t get you high, or get you in trouble with the law...

After doing all the exhaustive research for myself, I made the choice to try the unique type of CBD that my billionaire friend Tom and his rich buddies and celebrities use…

…. And I now wake up in the morning feeling YEARS younger, and full of the kind of energy I thought had left me behind for good in my 30’s

…. And I quickly lost my 40 extra ugly pounds

And thousands of my patients are
now enjoying their own “Second Youth” with
new slim bodies, double the energy levels
and no nagging pain.

Maybe you’ve tried using CBD before... only to discover that it didn’t work...

Or you’re thinking about trying it, but you’re worried that everything you’re hearing is “just hype”..

If you haven’t tried CBD yet, I’m glad you’re reading this first...

And if you have tried it and it didn’t work, then I have good news for you.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

The truth is that 99% of the CBD products available today just don’t work as advertised...

And there’s a simple reason why.

The problem is, with all the hype around CBD, you’ve NEVER heard what I’m about to show you...

This will prevent you from wasting your hard-earned money on worthless CBD.

Like Ron Perimore from
Sunrise, Florida ,who said:

“CBD Oil Didn’t Work For Me – But This Does. I tried four or five different CBD oils but none of them worked very good for me so I gave up on the idea of CBD for a while, but then when I took Dr. Mike’s Nano CBD, it was totally different and I feel a huge increase in my energy level, I’ve lost 28 pounds already and my terrible knee pain is gone now.”



The reason Nano CBD works so well for everyone who tries it, and “regular” CBD doesnt comes down to Delivery Method.

Now, I’m not talking about UPS vs. Fedex.

What I mean is that the most all CBD products sold online and in stores aren’t actually that effective, even if they use Full Spectrum CBD because the way you take the products is all wrong.

That picture is of standard CBD oil. It’s called a tincture which means “substance dissolved in water or oil”

In the case of CBD, the product is oil based because CBD doesn’t dissolve in water.

What you’re supposed to do is hold this oil under your tongue for a minute or so to let the CBD absorb directly into your bloodstream through the capillaries under your tongue.

The other most popular CBD products are CBD Gummy Candies and CBD capsules or softgels.

The problem with all 3 of these products is the same:

Most all of this CBD ends up in your stomach, where it’s broken down by stomach acid and then goes to your liver instead of your bloodstream.

When that happens, the CBD ends up getting neutralized, digested, and flushed away on your next trip to the restroom and less than 10% makes it to your brain where it’s supposed to!

“Dr. Mike, you just said that you’re supposed to hold the CBD under your tongue so it will absorb
directly… so how does almost all of it end up being peed out and ineffective?”

Great question. Glad you asked…

The problem with CBD is that it doesn’t actually fit into the capillaries under your tongue.

You see, individual CBD molecules are tiny… easily small enough to slip into the capillaries.

But CBD, because it’s oil-based, doesn’t travel alone.

The individual CBD molecules stick together and bunch up into little oil droplets called liposomes. These liposomes look small to the naked eye, but compared to your capillaries, they’re like trying to push a basketball through a chain link fence...

A small portion will occasionally break off and slip through, but again, it’s less than 10%.

In fact, according to researchers at the New York University School of Medicine.

In this study, when CBD oil was administered, only 6% actually got past the cell membrane.

In other words…

94% of the CBD went completely to waste!

This means
where all the real health effects
and magic happens.

Talk about a huge rip-off!

What a SCAM and HOAX!

That’s the biggest problem you’re going to find with most CBD. You have to take A LOT of it because almost all of it goes to waste.

Until recently, the only way around this problem was to smoke or vape the product… When CBD is vaporized with heat, it aerosolizes and enters your bloodstream directly through your lungs.

But that’s no real solution, because getting a better night’s sleep is NO REASON to take up smoking.

Luckily, there is a great way around this problem. It’s called Nano Emulsified CBD, or Nano CBD for short.

Nano CBD takes the same CBD compound you find in Full Spectrum gummies or oils and breaks it down into tiny microparticles that are so small, they can be suspended in water instead of oil and not clump back together into those liposomes we talked about.

This Nano Emulsified CBD can then slip into your bloodstream easily via the capillaries under your tongue.

Here’s the key: Because it absorbs directly into your bloodstream, instead of going through your digestive tract where you pee out most of it …

This means you get roughly up to 15 times more CBD for your money!

Or, put another way, it works 15 times better than regular CBD oil!

This way, a small amount of Nano CBD has a faster AND stronger effect than a much larger amount of traditional CBD.

This is a total game-changer!

This has been proven by studies at major universities.

The University of Applied Sciences in Germany put together this handy chart:

That chart is from a double-blind study…

That's the "gold standard", most accurate kind of study you can do.

Both groups in this study were given an oral dose of different kinds of CBD.

The green line shows a type of nano CBD like we’ve been talking about.

The black line shows “normal” CBD dissolved in MCT oil (the best kind of “normal” CBD oil available)

As you can see …

Nano CBD isn’t just much more effective.

It’s much faster too!

You can try to find this rare type of CBD for yourself, but it is very difficult to find a top-quality version of it. That’s because marketing gimmicks and rip-offs that are hard to spot are all over the place.

You see, I searched for a top-quality Nano CBD product all over Amazon and in health food stores but could NOT find even one that I would recommend.

That’s why I teamed up with the great company Opta Naturals to create a special form of rare Nano CBD that I can wholeheartedly recommend. And I’ll tell you about it in a moment.

But wait, because it gets even better …

Because my research uncovered some additional natural nutrients that also work great to put you into Delta sleep each night, and we also added these to the product …

These make my Nano CBD EVEN MORE effective...


Is a compound your brain makes when it wants to relax…

It's responsible for telling your brain when it is time to wind down and enter a deep, relaxing sleep…

Without the effects of GABA, your brain would never be able to sleep effectively and restore your body…

The problem is, your brain produces less and less of it as you get older.

Low levels of GABA in the brain have been found in people struggling with:

  • Anxiety
  • Movement disorders
  • Depression
  • Poor Focus
  • and more…

In a recent study, people who take GABA were found to be calmer, more focused and less stressed.


Valerian is an ancient herb that has been used for thousands of years to promote rest and tranquility.

It is the perfect compliment to the sleep promoting properties of Nano CBD…

This powerful herb interacts directly with the parts of your brain that enhance feelings of peace and rejuvenation.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Often called the ultimate anti-aging solution…

Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms were first discovered thousands of years ago in the mountains of China, and researchers are just beginning to understand the power of these almost magic plants.

Cordyceps has been studied for it's potential effects on

  • Longevity
  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health
  • Improved Mood, Focus, and Memory


This natural hormone signals your body to prepare for sleep.

It helps you fall asleep by calming your body before bed.

Melatonin works together with your body’s circadian rhythm, your body’s internal clock. It lets you know when it’s time to sleep.

In an analysis of 19 studies on people with sleep disorders, scientists found that melatonin helped reduce the time it took to fall asleep.(7)


This amino acid helps to produce serotonin, a powerful neurotransmitter responsible for sleep and brain health.

The reason you get tired after eating turkey on Thanksgiving is because it contains a large amount of Tryptophan.


Studies have shown people with greater concentrations of vitamin C have better sleep than those with less.

They also have less sleep disturbances at night.

Also, Vitamin C been shown to minimize Restless Leg Syndrome.

And finally, Vitamin C has been shown to help relieve sleep apnea by enhancing the functioning of blood vessels.(8)

All these nutrients are in my product,


Night Time Sleep Formula with
Nano CBD.

It is the ONLY product I personally use, the ONLY product I recommend to
my patients and it’s The Only Product I Recommend by Name.

You cannot get on Amazon or in any store, as it is only available from this announcement.

The best part is, it’s super affordable. I’m talking less than half the cost of any other nano CBD product I’ve ever seen.

And just look how good RESTORE – Night Time Sleep Formula with Nano CBD works for people like you…

- Julie C.

“Dr. Mike, thank you for helping me lose weight. I tried several diets before and none of them worked. This was easy and I got immediate results. I lost 101 lbs! I weighed 270 when I started and now weigh 169! Thank you for your help – I’ve finally achieved my weight loss goals.”

- Nancy Newman

“I Just want you to know your CBD drops are really helping us! I re-ordered for me, my husband, & my daughter, & all of us are feeling better!!! We’re also sleeping much better at night!!!”

- Karen Beck

“I took oil and thought, yeah right. The first week after a few days, I was in a good mood...better than I had been for years. Anyway, the 2nd and 3rd weeks, my painful knees stopped hurting and started popping. Ok, I thought. They pop, but don't hurt. I can live with that! After the 4th week, the popping stopped and the pain hasn't returned. I have trouble sleeping, and have for over ten years now. But I am now getting more and more sleep at night. Now, after I get up to relieve myself, I am able to go back to sleep. Bottom line, I love this stuff!”

- Lacy Cushing

“I have physical problems and sleep issues, and I've tried other brands of CBD, but yours is the best! Your formula is great!! Best sleep I've had in years! So glad it tastes good, too! Thank you for a great product!”

- Kurt Fillmann

“I always felt sluggish and thought it was my age since I am over 60. But now I started to feel like I’m in my 30s with massive energy. All oils are NOT the same. I have another oil at a higher MG that did nothing for me. Now I got my life back!”

- Dr. Al Taylor

“My name is Dr. Al Taylor. I am a Vietnam vet who is service disabled and have a very difficult time getting any relief or my injured neck and back. Your CBD oil was the best find of my life. I was very skeptical but took the plunge and ordered and boy am I glad I did. As happy as I am with my results, I am overjoyed with how it has affected my wife. Her pain has decreased, her energy level has increased and she is sleeping better.”

But that’s only the first of TWO PRODUCTS in my protocol that you will receive!

Because even though I know this product will give you the best deep Delta sleep of your life starting within the first few nights, and continuing for every night after that…

…. And I know this product will give you a new daily surge of energy that will turn your life around…

… and make your extra weight melt off…

… and make your health problems go away…

… I realize that a lot of my patients need a little extra help with their aches and pains to make sure that pain does not interfere with their sleep at night.

That’s why I’m going to send you a 2nd product with your order at no additional cost!

It is an incredibly effective all-natural pain reliever.

Because it also uses my Nano CBD, it provides relief starting in just seconds and provides soothing comfort for even the most intense aches and pains.

It’s called CBD PAIN BALM.

My patients and I have compared CBD PAIN BALM to over a dozen other pain creams on the market and it provides better pain relief than any of the other ones … hands down.

Like Denise Griffin,
who said…

“I am a first time user of your amazing product. I live with chronic back pain and neuro/Restore/app/desktop/imagesy in my legs and feet. I have tried several brands of CBD and they were unremarkable. Then I tried yours! So very glad I clicked on the ad as I was giving up on CBD and resolving that it wasn't for me. After a few days, I definitely knew there was a huge difference. Thank you! God bless you and your family. I will definitely sing the praises of your product!”

It helps reduce nightly tossing and turning.

It relieves and releases minor aches and pains that can keep you from settling into a deep, restorative sleep.

So …

In summary …

You will receive 2 products …

My Nano CBD Sleep drops and my CBD PAIN BALM…

Delta Sleep is like bringing a great cleaning crew into your home every night ...

The Delta sleep you get cleans out the toxins from your body overnight as you sleep. This deep cleaning flushes out the cellular waste that makes your body hold onto fat now and that make your cells, tissues and muscles tired and painful.

You get incredible quantum sleep. You get a life-changing metabolic flush each and every night.

If you decide NOT to try my product, please realize that without this Delta sleep, your body CANNOT clean itself out or flush itself out. Your dirty cells will just get more and more toxic and polluted …your body will stay inflamed from little or no Delta sleep ... and your body will continue to hang onto fat … and you will continue to feel more and more tired and in pain.

So by now, you are probably wondering:

How Do I Get My Own Supply Right Away…

And You Might Also Be Wondering…

How Much Should I Take Each Day?

The truth is that there are only limited supplies available…

And that’s not a marketing gimmick or anything like that…

It’s the God’s honest truth.

You see, Restore is made in a GMP certified facility…

And each batch is tested by an independent third-party laboratory…

To ensure that what's seen on the bottle is what's found on the inside.

Restore Is
Completely Safe

The nutrients in these products are neither cheap nor easy to find …

Since many of these ingredients come from the other side of the world…

What’s more, the growing popularity of Restore is putting a serious strain on production…

And thousands of Americans and people around the world are quickly catching on to this brilliant breakthrough.

Which means temporary Sell-Outs and Out-of-Stocks Are Not uncommon…

In addition, the company can only produce a limited number of Restore at any given time.

And because Restore works so well, customers Keep Re-Ordering Several Bottles At A Time… Which makes it even more difficult to keep in stock.

So don’t delay because Out-of-stocks is a very real risk.

With that being said though…

I also don’t want anyone else to continue to suffer from the frustration of fatigue, extra body fat or aches and pains …

Because I know first hand how it can make every day feel like a struggle….

And especially now when this natural solution Restore will quickly have you full of zestful energy, dropping ugly fat pounds faster than you thought possible and being pain-free like when you were younger.

And all this in a drug-free product which you cannot get addicted to and that has no side effects … Which is why in just a moment…

I’m going to share how to get a supply of Restore today at a huge discount savings…

As part of the company’s “Restore Youthful Health” campaign.

But before I do that, let me return to that second question:

How Much Restore Should You Take Every Day?

This is actually pretty straight forward…

Just take 1 dropperful once a day 30 minutes before bedtime.

And then apply the pain-relief balm cream to any of your painful areas.

And that’s literally all it takes!

Now Here’s Why It’s Important To Take Restore For At Least 30 Days…

The high-powered ingredients inside of Restore start to work immediately...

The benefits begin on the “inside” from Day 1…

And the longer you use Restore, the more the nutrients build up in your body….

Which makes it even more effective.

So that’s why I recommend you take Restore for at least 30 days, and ideally for longer.

And don’t just take my word for it…

Rebecca Lingenwalt’s experience is a typical example ….

The first night Rebecca took Restore she slept notably better.

She was overjoyed with the results.

And so of course, she kept taking Restore faithfully every night.

And so of course, she kept taking Restore faithfully every night.

Starting the second month, her sleep got even deeper, so much so that she called my office with her excitement.

And in the third month, Rebecca started to sleep even deeper, and her energy increased even more, and her extra body fat began to melt off like an ice cream cone melts on a hot 95 degree summer day – 64 pounds of ugly fat she eventually lost.

It’s for all of these reasons that I personally recommend choosing at least 3 bottles of Restore (that’s a 90 Day Supply)… or 6 bottles ( that’s a 180 Day Supply) for an even bigger savings and so you don’t run out or risk us being out of stock.

Now, I want you to know that Restore is NOT available on Amazon or any other website. It is only available on this website.

Now here’s the huge discount savings …

Normally Restore retails for $149 for a 1-month supply. And when you consider how much a doubling of your energy is worth to you, how much many hours of extra newfound time to get things accomplished each day or just have fun is worth to you, and how many thousands of dollars you’ll save in healthcare costs, this $149 for a 1-month supply would be a very fair price.

But right now and through this
website only…

New Customers Can Get Restore
Today At A Major Discount…

Unlike some conventional solutions …

Restore is non-habit forming…

Which is a huge relief to so many customers…

Because they love knowing they don’t have to fear getting hooked on pills.

Plus, on top of all of that…

Restore doesn’t come with the nasty side effects that's found in so much of modern medicine.

Which is absolutely HUGE!

When considering all of that…

$149 for Restore would be a really fair deal…

Plus, There’s All the Benefits Money Can’t Buy…


Waking up each day with a huge burst of energy…

Being slim and trim and healthy and feeling great about your body again …

getting those desirous glances and compliments from members of the opposite sex and your mate …

enjoying delicious foods again without having to worry about gaining your weight back …

and finally being free of your limiting aches and pains …

Thinking of all of this…

Thinking of all of this…

$149 for a months supply seems like a steal to me.

Yet despite all of that…

I’ve made sure you won’t pay anywhere close to $149 for Restore.

That’s because like I said before…

I want to help as many people as possible…

And the team behind Restore couldn’t agree more…

Which is why when order right now…

You will get your very own supply of Restore for a one-time investment of just $59 for a 1-month supply …

… which is a savings of $100 a month off the regular $149 price!

And that’s just the beginning…

I realize that many people may want to keep taking Restore for years to come…

And the fact that there really are limited supplies available…

I can understand why they’d want to stock up on 3 or 6 bottles of Restore today.

It’s for this reason that our team has created a substantially discounted multi-bottle plan…

Where folks can stock up and save big on 6 bottles of Restore …

For just $39 per bottle…

But this special discount is only being guaranteed today only through this website…

And as part of Restore’s “Restore Youthful Health” campaign.

And today only, we are going to give you free shipping and handling…

Which is a $14.95 value.

But both the discount and the free shipping are for today only …

And only while supplies last.

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After choosing a package…

You will be redirected to a 100% Secure and Encrypted Checkout Page…

Where there’s a simple order form to fill out…

And after that…

Your order of Restore will be shipped to you …

And will arrive within 5 business days of now.

So looking at the facts…

This Is One Of The Smallest,
Yet Smartest Investments…
You Will Ever Make For Your Health…

Something that will not only give you the youthful all day and night energy of your youth back from deep Delta sleep …

But that will slash off your excess body fat for sure …

And get rid of your aches and pains …

So that you will start living your best life again…

The life that you were MEANT to be living.

  • A single bottle of Restore puts you on the /Restore/app/desktop/images to the life you want naturally…
  • Three bottles guarantees you can keep taking Restore without interruption…
  • And with 6 bottles of Restore

    You will be taking the best step to set yourself up to enjoy your ultimate life for many years to come.

So Go Ahead And Choose A Package of Restore Now While There Are Still Supplies In Stock…

And Enjoy The Peace Of Mind That Comes With Supporting Your Health Today!

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You Save $800!

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This Is The Ultimate Time-Saver and Productivity-Increaser for Smart People!

Now you won’t have to sleep more hours because you will sleep BETTER. This means you can sleep less hours, but feel more rested. Now you will have much more time in your life for fun or get more work done or make more money - instead of needing that time to sleep!

Your Investment Today Is Also Covered By
A 180 Day, 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

That’s right, you don’t risk a dime.

Here’s how it works…

Right now just place your order…

And when you do, you are just saying “maybe” to Restore.

Then once you get your bottles in a few short days from now…

Start taking it …

And see how you feel.

If you’re like Restore’s other loyal customers…

You will fall in love with what Restore does for you every night and day!.

But there is ZERO risk to you because of our guarantee…

If for some reason Restore isn’t working great for you …

Just call or email Restore’s award winning, U.S. Based Customer Service Team…


And they’ll send a full refund to you immediately.

You won’t be out a single dime.

No questions. No hassles.

Plus, there’s no need to return the bottles of Restore.

Keep them as a special “thanks” for trying out Restore.

Could anything be fairer than this?

This means there’s no downside at all…

It’s a 100% risk-free investment that comes with lots of guaranteed benefits for you …

And there’s a full 180 days to see if Restore is right for you or not (that is 6 full months) .

So go ahead click and try Restore risk free now …

And choose from one of the package options below …

Say “YES” to beating your energy, weight loss and pain struggles…

And “YES” to living a happier, healthier, and better life like thousands of other people already are...

YES! It’s Time To Put My Health
“Under New Management”…
And Secure My Supply of Restore Now!
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You’ve seen overwhelming proof that getting deep Delta sleep each night is the basis and cornerstone of good health.

How it overcomes your fragmented sleep.

It doesn’t just make you “feel” better…

It supercharges your body, and your mind at the cellular level. It’s kind of like nature's miracle reset button.

Now It’s Time To Make A Decision…

Please don’t ignore everything I’ve said my friend …

And continue to be a slave of Partial Sleep Syndrome when you don’t have to suffer anymore …

If you put this off, nothing will get better in your life ….

And it’s obvious that something must change here…

Because a life with fatigue and frustration and being overweight…

Where you are always worried about the next time you have to step on the scale, and the next doctor’s visit, and what it will mean…

Well that’s no life at all.

Especially now that I’ve shared my story with you and told you Restore will give you the body of your dreams …give you the energy level you want and deserve … and give you the health you want to make your dreams come true

That’s why I have made it very easy to say “YES” to Restore right now …

So go ahead and claim your order of Restore by choosing from one of the packages below.

It’s a very smart decision because your investment is protected by a 180 Day Money Back Guarantee, which means there’s absolutely no risk…

So break free of frustration…

And choose a package right now…

And start living a better life.

YES! I Want To Start Taking Charge of My Health…

By Securing My Supply of Restore Right Now…

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Still there? Great

That means you probably
have a question I can answer. So here
are a few of most common
questions I get and my answers to them.

Who is Restore for?

It is for anyone who wants to have more energy, lose weight and keep it off without a restrictive diet or exercise, and become pain free.

It does this by overcoming the “Partial Sleep Syndrome” that almost everyone suffers from in today’s world and helps you fall into deep Delta State sleep that restores your health back to its youthful levels…

The ingredients are all natural and include Nano CBD which is up to 15 times more effective than regular CBD. This is proven by a study at New York University School Of Medicine.

What makes Restore different than other products I’ve tried?
Do I risk anything in trying Restore?

Best Seller

6 Month Supply



You Save $800!

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includes a 180 day
Money back Guarantee

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Most Popular

3 Month Supply



You Save $279!

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